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Split, Croatia

Custom Trips

Trips can seem daunting and difficult to arrange. We act as a one stop shop, ironing out the details so that you don't have to do it alone. We can provide you a memorable and manageable experience. See the sights, sounds, streets, and even the seine if you desire.

We offer: 

·         Transportation arrangements

·         Hotel accommodations

·         Information on preferred sites

·         Personal knowledge and experience

Sandals Royal Caribbean


Honeymoons are not just trips, they are milestones for newlyweds. We are well versed in all it takes to make them the best. With all of the planning that a wedding brings, let us take the stress of booking a trip away from you. When it comes to planning your trip we will have every detail taken care of from the minute you depart for your destination. 

We offer:

·         Person to person contact & check in

·         Firsthand experience and knowledge of activities

·         Affordable price options with secure transaction

cruise ship in water


Can't make a compromise on what you want to do? With Cruises there is something for everybody. Cruises are an all-inclusive experience. You can unpack once, while having the ability to see and explore many different destinations. The ship acts as a floating resort with numerous options for the whole family or couples' interests. 

We offer:

  • Thorough knowledge of cruise providers

  • Firsthand experience of knowledge and activities

  • Affordable price options with secure transactions.

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